Tony's Story

(สำหรับภาษาไทย อ่านได้ที่นี่ครับ เรื่องราวของข้าพเจ้า)

Hello, everyone.

My name is Tony. I'm a Thai man who was born in Bangkok. I was born in a warm family with loving and caring dad and mum. My life seemed to be smooth. Even though I was not a good student, I could pass the exams with fairly well scores.

From my external appearance, I seemed to be happy and fun all the time. But indeed, I sometimes did not so happy as I expressed. I had fear within my heart all the time. From the belief of my religion then, I believed that there was no God. I had to help myself. If I did good things, my life would be good. But if I did bad things, my life would be bad. And I did believe about re-incarnation. (Re-incarnation is the belief that after I die, my spirit will return to live in a new human being, or even an animal, depending on my deeds in previous life.) I felt that my life was really unsteady and unstable.

While I was studying in a secondary school, I believed in astrology very much. Sometimes I just quiestioned in my heart, "Who is the one who has predestined our lives?". But I just kept this question within my heart.

While I was studying in upper secondary school, my fears markedly increased so that my behavior was abnormal nearly to the degree of neurosis. I tried my best to do good deeds, and also to avoid doing bad things. When I walked, I would see on the ground all the time so that I would not tread on small animals. When I took a bath, I would see carefully to make sure that there was no mosquito larva in the water. Even though I could mostly avoid doing bad in some days (very few), I realized in my heart that I still thought about others badly. I did bad things much more that good things in each day. I had consulted with many priests in my religion, but all answered me that good deeds could not cancel or wipe out bad deeds. I despaired. I had no hope.

Thank God that I had learned English with a private teacher for many years. She had a very good life that I was so impressed. She had told me about the story of God, and taught English to me through the bible, but I did not understand. Nevertheless, I really liked the teachings from the bible.

At the time of despair, I began to open my heart. And I found that the bible obviously told that Jesus could forgive my sin. Only if I believed in Him, I would have eternal life.

And how could I know for sure that God was real?

At the time I had to take an entrance examination for entering into a university, I found an opportunity to know if God was real. I stopped worshiping many gods I had, and prayed to God of the bible. And God helped me to have a satisfiable marks, despite I was not well-prepared at all. At the time I had to choose where I would like to go, I chose only one place I liked most, and I could make it. That was really miraculous and over my expectation. I was accepted to study in the university with nearly lowest marks, but I could make it anyway. And in the Christmas program of the church that year, I walked to the front and accepted Jesus Christ as my God.

After I knew God, I found peace which surpassed my understanding. I found the answers that I had searched for a long time.

- I knew for sure that it was God who predestined my life, and had taken care of me all my life.

- I did not have to worry about my future anymore, because I knew that God held my future.

- And I did not have to fear about the life after death, because I was confident that I would be with God who loved me.


Yes, the bible tells us clearly that we all are sinners, and the wages of sin is death. But while we were still sinners, Christ died for us all on the cross. He had the victory over death, and rose up to life. And in the last day, He will come back again to judge the world. Only if we believe in Him, we will receive new life and will have eternal life.

After believing in God, He has taken care of me all the time. Even though I sill have to face many problems, He has led me through all difficulties.

That's why I would like to appeal to you who have read my story to open your heart, consider about my story, learn more about the word, and let Him come into your life. And your life will never be the same!


(สำหรับภาษาไทย อ่านได้ที่นี่ครับ เรื่องราวของข้าพเจ้า)


Thirayost Nimmanon (Tony)



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