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My Great Delight in God's Word

Crystallization Study of Daniel, Message 1

The Rule of the Heavens, the Economy of God, and the Excellent Christ as the Precious and Preeminent One in God's Move

The message in day 6 provides me some useful implications of the book of Daniel in my own life. They are 3 things that we need to learn.

1. This universe is under God's administration.

The prophesies in the book of Daniel about the coming kingdoms, the last one of which is the eternal kingdom of God which will fill the whole earth forever (Daniel 2). This truth give me comfort that no one can come to power, unless God allow him to. God can use both good and evil leaders to accomplish his wonderful purpose for His people. As He promises in Romans 8:28, all things, both bad and good, will work together for good to those who love Him. So I need not to worry about who the next prime minister or other leaders will be. Heavens rule!

2. God's intention in His administration is to make Christ eminent.

Here we know the purpose of God, to make Christ eminent. Christ is the first and the last; the beginning and the end. He is the hub and the rim; the center and circumference; and the first and everything. Christ is everything we need. Let Christ be our centrality and universality.

3. God will accomplish His intention through us.

With man, God can do everything. Without man, He will not do. He needs to accomplish His economy through us. And this can be accomplished when we, His people and His elect, fully co-ordinate and co-operate with Him. Moreover, in order to be usable by God, we also need to be transformed by Him to become conformed to the image of Jesus Christ (Romans 8:29).


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Thirayost Nimmanon (Tony)



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