Cranial and Facial Pain Disorders

Approach to Patients
Migraine Headache
Primary Headache Syndromes
Secondary Causes
Cranial and Facial Pain Disorders

Table of Contents

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Temporomandibular Disorder

Persistent discomfort

Caused by dysfunction of TMJ, muscles, ligaments

TMJ noise and pain, limited jaw movement, locking of the jaw on opening, bruxism, tongue+lip+cheek biting

Acute and associated with jaw movement

Multidisciplinary team for treatment

Simple radiographs are of little use

Dx required sophisticated imaging

Simple analgesics or NSAIDs as initial Rx


Trigeminal Neuralgia (Tic Douloureux)

Paroxysms of severe unilateral pain

Seconds duration

Normal neurological finding

No pain between paroxysm

Carbamazepine is effective

If fail --> unlikely to be trigeminal neuralgia

If retractable --> consult or refer to neurologist or neurosergeon


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