Application of Liver Histology

Embryology and Gross Morphology
Histology of Liver
Extracellular Matrix of Liver
Methodology of Liver
Application of Liver Histology

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Frequent Histology Changes of Little Significance

In the Liver at Autopsy

Autolysis of hepatocytes is often pronouced

Loss of inflammatory cells by autolysis may preclude diagnosis of hepatitis

Dilatation of sinusoidal and perisinusoidal spaces is of little significance

Focal accumulation of lymphocytes in scattered portal tracts is frequently seen

Large portal tract with abundant CNT

In Surgical Liver Biopsy Specimens

Fibrous connection between the superficial portal tract and the capsule resembling cirrhosis

Fibrous Connections

Clusters of PMN from long surgical procedure resembling microabscesses

Prolonged Surgical Procedure

CMV Microabscess


Minor, but Significant, Hepatic Alterations

Nonspecific Reactive Hepatitis

Activation of sinusoidal lining cells with prominent Kupffer cells

Small foci of necrosis of isolated hepatocytes

Accumulation of macrophages and inflammatory cells

Chronic Persistent Hepatitis

Nonspecific Reactive Hepatitis in HIV Patient

Nonspecific hepatitis


Increased hepatocyte nuclei

Sinusoidal dilatation

Poorly developed granulomata

MAI Granuloma in HIV Patient

Vicinity of Space-Occupying Lesion


  • Proliferated and distorted bile ductules with irregular and even atypical epithelium
  • Infiltration of scattered PMN in edematous portal tracts
  • Focal sinusoidal dilatation and congestion

Sinusoidal Dilatation

Rappaports zone 3

  • Venous congestion : Right-sided HF
  • Irregular necrosis : Left-sided HF or shock

Rappaports zone 1

  • Sinusoid dilatation : Pregnancy, renal transplant, anabolic/androgenic or contraceptive steroids and near space-occupying lesions


Liver Histology for Pathologists

Summarized By Thirayost Nimmanon

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