Embryology and Gross Morphology

Embryology and Gross Morphology
Histology of Liver
Extracellular Matrix of Liver
Methodology of Liver
Application of Liver Histology

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Embryology of Liver

Hepatic diverticulum from endodermal lining of foregut during 3rd to 4th week of gestation

Scattered mesenchymal cells derived from septum transversum

  • Endothelial cells of sinusoids
  • Stroma
  • Capsule

Ductal Plate with Extramedullary Hematopoiesis


Gross Morphology of Liver

Weighs 1,400-1,600 g (1/50) in adult (Compared with 1/20 in the newborn)

10 x 12-15 x 15-20 cm in size

There are 4 lobes : right, left, caudate and quadrate.

Subsegments according to arterial and portal blood supply and bile drainage is more important

Gross Morphology : Superior and Inferior View


Liver Histology for Pathologists

Summarized By Thirayost Nimmanon

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